Lamar Khloe Divorce: Lamar Odom Not Signing Divorce Papers, Khloe Kardashian ‘Stuck’ In Marriage?

Lamar and Khloe divorce proceedings aren’t exactly proceeding since Lamar Odom has refused to sign the documents. According to Radar Online, the divorce case is headed for automatic dismissal since there has not been any action taken by Khloe Kardashian’s ex. While some media outlets are trying to spin this as the two wanting to reconcile, that does not seem to be the case. Khloe might still love Lamar, but she has made her decision, and she just wants this over with.

“Khloe has been told by her attorney, Laura Wasser, that she could file a motion to have the divorce granted, even though Lamar hasn’t formally responded. Becoming legally divorced would allow Khloe to move on, while lawyers for the former couple hash out a financial settlement. However, Khloe has held off on taking that drastic step,” shared a source.

Lamar and Khloe’s divorce has been in limbo for several months, and nothing has really changed. There were rumors that the two were talking again, and that they were actually “dating” casually, but that seemed to be nothing more than Khloe attempting to bridge a gap — and get Lamar to sign those papers.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Khloe has moved on from Lamar, and has been dating rapper French Montana off and on. She recently celebrated his 30th birthday with him, and other members of her family were there too. It seems obvious that Khloe has moved on from Lamar, and that she’s ready to completely close that chapter of her life.

Not everyone supports Lamar and Khloe’s divorce either, and a new reports claims that Khloe’s step-dad Bruce Jenner is begging her to rethink her split. According to Hollywood Life, Bruce has always been a big fan of Lamar, and he wants Koko to reconsider… to give Lamar a second chance.

“Bruce is playing match maker and trying to level with Khloe. He thinks she should take Lamar back. Despite all the cheating, alleged drug use and his NBA career loss, Bruce still thinks Lamar’s good for Khloe and he let her know that,” said a source. “He tried to convey to Khloe that mistakes happen in relationships and that forgiveness is most important. He told her ‘you and Lamar are still so very young, there’s still time to make it work,'” the source added.

Do you think Lamar and Khloe will divorce, or will Khloe end up giving him another chance?

[Photo courtesy of Albert Michael/ via E! News]