Darren Wilson: Details On His ‘Disappearing Act’ After Shooting

Police officer Darren Wilson has managed to keep a very low profile since he shot and killed Michael Brown back in August.

Chico Harlan of the Washington Post stated that the Ferguson police officer “mastered a disappearing act” in the headline of a recent article published on Friday.

Darren Wilson has not been seen in public since the August 9th shooting of the unarmed teenager. Lawyers and members of the press strongly believed that Darren would come out of hiding to appear at an unrelated preliminary hearing in a St. Louis courtroom late last month.

The Washington Post reports that the hearing was in reference to an alleged low-level drug dealer, Christopher Brooks. Since Darren Wilson was the officer who wrestled the alleged drug dealer to the ground and arrested him, it was imperative for him to show up in order for the prosecution to have a case against the defendant.

The arrest even led to Darren receiving a Ferguson city commendation for his involvement. All Darren Wilson needed to do was appear in court in order to recount his story to the judge.

By not showing up, however, the judge had no choice but to dismiss the case due to a “failure to prosecute.” Even though many members of the press and the prosecution were likely disappointed that Darren Wilson did not attend, Christopher Brooks and defense attorney Nick Zotos had a very different reaction to the news.

“The defendant and I, we walked out the door, said, ‘Thank you, Jesus,’ and shook hands. You could not make that case without [Wilson].”

As another part of his “disappearing act,” Darren Wilson has managed to stay away from public interviews. More than three months have passed since the shooting, but the 28-year-old police officer has yet to give his side of the story.

A grand jury is set to determine in the near future whether or not Wilson was justified in shooting Michael Brown. However, he still has not said anything in public about the events that led up to Michael Brown’s death.

Keep in mind that Darren Wilson is not obligated to speak to the public at all. His lead attorneys have reportedly remained quiet as well when it comes to commenting on their client’s silence.

Darren Wilson’s sister, Kara Sosko, stated in a brief interview why none of Darren’s family members have spoken publicly about her brother either.

“If anything is going to be said, it will come straight from him.”

Darren Wilson has reportedly not even posted a message, comment, or update on social media. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson claims that he and Darren have not spoken to one another since the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting. Wilson has not even been seen at some of the pro-Wilson rallies and events that were designed to support due process and police officers in general.

It is believed that Wilson is in police protection. The blinds of his suburban, ranch-styled home have been drawn and the leaves have piled up in his yard. Even though Darren Wilson is currently on paid leave, reports claim that he will likely resign from his job regardless of how the Michael Brown case turns out.

[Image Credit: Crime Scene Media]