At 99 Pounds, Snooki Flaunts Weight Loss Just Six Weeks After Baby: Here’s How! [Video]

When it comes to shockingly fast celebrity weight loss, Snooki has earned attention for the second time. Less than two months after giving birth to her second child, daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle, the reality TV star (whose real name is Nicole Polizzi) is flaunting her 99-pound figure via Instagram.

But to fans who say that perhaps Snooki needs a cookie, her celebrity trainer Anthony Michael is quick to defend her weight loss. He told E! News that his client’s slimness is ideal for her height.

“It’s not even been seven weeks since she gave birth and she’s already down to 99 pounds,” boasted Anthony.

And Michael said that Snooki is not finished with shedding for her wedding. To fit sleekly into her wedding gown, she’s combining intense workouts with Anthony and a low-carb diet.

As the Inquisitr revealed, Snooki’s food plan follows Paleo diet guidelines. That means no grains, no sugar, and no processed foods. She eats protein, vegetables, and fruit. And Snooki is careful about her nutrition because she is breastfeeding the baby.

“I am eating lots of greens, a lot of grilled chicken, salad and some fruits. You just want to eat well and also make sure you’re eating healthy for your baby because my baby is taking my milk.”

The workouts involve the concept known as HIIT, or high intensity interval training. They are targeted at weight loss, resulting in a boost in calories burned as well as toning. Snooki even has a weight loss game plan for after the wedding, added Michael.

“We’ve been doing some high intensity interval training. It’s a type of cardio, it’s very short, you only do it 10-15 minutes. It’s about spiking the heart rate. We’re also doing plyometrics, cardio, etc. Right now it’s all really geared for weight loss, then she wants to focus on lean muscle mass once she’s married.”

As for how much weight she wants to lose?

“I want her weight to be 95-96 pounds, and it to be mostly muscle. We’re literally three pounds away from our goal,” stated Anthony.

Snooki has been planning her wedding for months. Below she talks wedding dreams and new baby struggles.

However, Anthony expressed concern about her lack of sleep from getting up with the baby.

“You cannot train every single day. Rest is just as important, if not more important. So is sleep, which I get on her about, because she has a newborn…but she’s done a good job,” he revealed.

As for the wedding between Snooki and Johnny LaValle, it’s scheduled to take place November 29 in New Jersey, reported Fox News. And the theme doesn’t involve leopard print, tattoos, or anything reminiscent of her former party girl life on Jersey Shore.

Instead, the wedding focuses on a Great Gatsby theme, with elegance rather than extremes as the keynote. She shared her visions with Mario Lopez below.

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