Liam Payne Isn’t A Confident Shopper

Just because Liam Payne is a member of the biggest boy band on the planet doesn’t mean he’s confident in every single aspect of his life.

Although fans may have a difficult time swallowing this information, but Payne struggles with inner turmoil from time to time. Most people might think fame would greatly boost a person’s confidence, the One Direction singer admitted that it does have its drawbacks, particularly when it’s time to add pieces to his expansive wardrobe.

According to Cambio, Liam Payne recently admitted that he often finds himself struggling with confidence, something that everyone on the planet can relate to at one point or another. The heartthrob admitted that this surprising problem is a side effect of fame.

“I have started to struggle with my confidence when it comes to mundane things like shopping,” Liam Payne recently told the folks at We Love Pop magazine.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Payne has opened up about his lack of confidence. The Inquisitr reported earlier this year that Liam tends to get a little bashful when he’s surrounded by his adoring fans. So if you think the singer is giving you the cold shoulder the next time you decide to bug him in public, keep this in mind if he doesn’t seem overly enthusiastic about this random encounter. In short: Give ’em a break.

Here’s what Payne had to say about his lack of confidence.

“Although it doesn’t look like it when there are cameras around because I will be out there a little bit,” Liam explained during his chat with the publication. But when people ask for photos and stuff like that, I’m honestly not very good with it all. I haven’t got the confidence. And I’d never go up to anyone asking for their autograph, no way!”

If Payne ever needs a quick jolt of confidence during his darkest hours, the guy should simply toss his name into the Twitter search box. While there are certainly some nasty 140-character posts floating around, most people have nothing but ridiculously positive things to say about his existence. Sample some of these comments below.

Are you surprised Liam Payne still struggles with confidence?

[Lead image via Yahoo! Celebrity]