It’s Settled, Heels On A Woman Push For Quicker Affirmative Action In Men – The Higher The Better

For as long the modern society has existed, men have always fascinated about women in heels. A new study appears to have conclusively proven that men are quite effectively and swiftly lulled into action by women wearing heels.

A study conducted in France seems to strongly suggest that men are more than likely to help a woman wearing heels. The study even managed to correlate the height of the heels with the urgency of the assistance offered. In simpler words, the higher the heels, the more willing the men seemed to be to assist her.

The study, published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, comprised of four separate experiments, each of which featured women in flat shoes, medium heeled shoes (2 inches) and high-heeled shoes (3.5 inches). Other than their heel height, the shoes were basically the same – black, professional and ‘in fashion’. In the study, Professor Nicholas Guéguen observed and recorded the responses of 90 male participants between the ages of 25 and 50. They had been randomly selected on the street in Brittany, France.

The finds were surprisingly consistent with the hypothesis that men are more eager to help women in heels as against when the females are wearing other unassuming footwear like flats. Moreover, the change in the enthusiasm wasn’t restricted to offering a helping hand with chores that women normally find difficult, but routine ones like willingly taking part in a survey, picking-up and returning a glove dropped accidentally, reported the Daily Mail.

When the women conducting the survey were in flats, just 25 of the 60 men took part. However, when the heel size increased, so did the willingness of the male participants. When the heel sized increased to two inches, the number of male respondents increased to 36. However, with the same women conducting the same survey were wearing a heel size of about 4 inches, the number of male volunteers rose to 49 out of 60, reported Business Standard. Explaining the oft-suspected, but seldom studied phenomenon, Guéguen said,

“Men responded more favorably to the survey request as soon as the length of her heels increased. Women’s shoe heel size exerts a powerful influence on men’s behavior. “

The survey appears to prove how men focus on women’s physical attributes when judging and interacting with members of the opposite sex. However, expressing caution, Guéguen suggested that more research must be done to examine whether this effect depends on a woman’s shoe heel size and on any change of gait due to wearing high heels. In other words, were the men drawn to the aid of the women due to the heel size or the effects these high heels cause on the posture and movement of the women?

[Image Credit | Associated Press]