WWE News: Wrestling Legend Sting Expected To Appear At WWE Survivor Series

In a breaking report, it appears that a long awaited debut is set to occur soon. Wrestling legend Sting has not yet stepped foot inside a WWE ring despite sort of being with WWE for the last number of months. It has been expected that he would sign some sort of talent contract to eventually result in him wrestling at least one match in a WWE ring. The problem was, we never knew when we’d see him.

Now, it appears like we might be getting the long awaited WWE debut of Sting at WWE Survivor Series this Sunday on the WWE Network.

PWInsider claims that multiple sources have confirmed Sting will be appearing at the PPV. The issue is, no one knows what he is doing there. On top of that, Sting is not scheduled for any TV tapings after. Obviously this could always change and might have been something WWE did not announce in order to keep Sting’s debut a surprise.

This is an interesting time for Sting to make his debut, but it makes a lot of sense. Team Authority will be taking on Team John Cena at Survivor Series, as we have all heard. If Cena’s team wins, The Authority is out of power. As we heard on the WWE SmackDown taping on Friday, if Team Cena loses, barring Cena, the members of the team will be fired. WWE was doing a good job by not giving anything away in regards to who the winner would be.

However, that last part is WWE pretty much telling us that Team Cena will win at the event.

Sting Comic-con

If that’s the case, that means a new authority figure would need to be put in place. Obviously Vince McMahon does not want to do this again. Vickie Guerrero and Teddy Long are no longer with the company, which means they cannot step in. WWE would also not give the role back to Brad Maddox. That leaves pretty much no one with experience. That means a legend of some sort would need to have the power given to them by WWE to run the shows. Sting fits that very well.

It is an easy schedule for him, which fits what the Icon would want. He’d only work TV tapings, which is about one to two shows a week, plus the monthly PPV.

This role for him could help lead us into WrestleMania season, where he’d be able to set-up a rivalry with someone that would result in a match at the show of shows.

There had been rumblings about Sting being given an authority role for months, but due to WWE already having an established Authority group, it left that rumor up in the air. Now that there is a realistic shot we could be seeing WWE without The Authority, WWE needs someone to step in. Who better than a man that WWE fans have been wanting to see for months?

While Sting has always been a great in-ring performer, he is also known for his promo ability. Sting can talk on the mic as well as anyone, so he fits the role of a General Manager. Sting did a similar role in his latter TNA Wrestling years, which fit him well. So Sting has experience in this role, plus he fits everything the WWE fans need.

While we need to take the debut report as a bit of a rumor as of now, PWInsider is pretty reliable. Clearly this adds a lot more fuel to the fire regarding Survivor Series. It already appears to be an interesting show. Sting debuting would surely put it over the top. WWE fans would absolutely love this if it happened.

[IMG Credits: Fansided.com, IGN]