Babysitter Brutally Beats, Stomps On Toddler For Throwing Up On The Couch, Shocking Video Goes Viral

A babysitter was seen brutally beating and stomping a toddler in a video that has gone viral, sparking outrage across the internet.

The graphic video was uploaded to WorldStarHipHop on Friday, and quickly amassed more than 400,000 views. Though there is little description as to where or when the incident took place, it appears as if the footage has been spliced together and edited to focus on the brutal beating.

The nearly two-minute video shows an adult woman described as a babysitter attempting to feed a toddler while the two sit on a couch. The woman grows immediately angry when the child does not eat, and strikes the young girl in the face two times.

After a skip the video shows the woman forcing spoonfuls of food into the girl’s mouth, despite the girl’s protest. After another edit, the young girl sways on the edge of the couch before vomiting on the floor. This sends the babysitter into a rage. She slams the young child to the ground and begins beating the child several times with a hard object.

Despite the young girl’s screams, the babysitter only escalates the beating. She kicks the girl and stomps on her, at least two times placing the entire weight of her body on the girl’s back. After a hard kick to the head the toddler goes silent, and the babysitter then snatches her by the arm and carriers her off camera.

The babysitter beating video was uploaded to Reddit where it was shared across several different subreddits, being met with disgust and anger. The video was also shared to YouTube and LiveLeak, though none of the uploads have much information on the incident. Some speculated that the girl likely died as a result of the injuries, but no outside source could corroborate.

The Inquisitr will update as more details become available. The video of the babysitter brutally beating the toddler can be seen here, but be warned that it is extremely graphic and disturbing.

[Image via WorldStarHipHop]