Ricardo Javid Lugo 12-Year-Old: Arrests Made After Ricardo Javid Lugo Poses As 12-Year-Old To Molest Kids

Ricardo Javid Lugo pretended to be a 12-year-old and enrolled in an elementary school in Texas so that he could abuse children. The disturbing report is detailed by Scallywag & Vagabond, and claims that Lugo (pictured above right) has been accused of molesting over 100 children. The 17-year-old has been arrested by police, as has a 28-year-old “partner in crime,” Randy Ray Wesson (pictured above left), who pretended to be Lugo’s dad.

“The sexual predators it has been told had both planned to recruit potential victims from the school for both of them. In a damning admission, cops would also tell that Wesson conceded to sexually abusing over 100 children between the ages of 7 and 14,” reports Scallywag & Vagabond.

Ricardo Javid Lugo posed as a 12-year-old in order to get close to children. The idea was that he would lure them, and then he and Wesson had plans to molest them. Police found incriminating photos on Lugo’s phone; some of the images were unbelievably disturbing. It is unclear exactly how many students from Hurst Hills Elementary School were sexually abused by Lugo and/or Wesson.

According to Mail Online, Lugo and Wesson met on Instagram back in 2013. The two have had a very strange relationship ever since.

“[Lugo] apparently told Wesson he was 12-year-old and that he was unhappy at home in Juarez. A few months later – either late February or early March, Wesson drove to El Paso, and took Lugo back to his home in Fort Worth with Wesson. Wesson told investigators he and Lugo have had a sexual relationship since that time,” reports Mail Online.

Ricardo Javid Lugo posed as a 12-year-old at least twice, and evidently it was believable. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, parents of children at Hurst Hills Elementary School are extremely concerned.

“Is this one bad person that got into the school or is there more to this? Are there more kids involved? How widespread is this? Who did this child, this 17-year-old kid, who did he influence?”

Wesson faces charges of possession with intent to promote child pornography, sale and display of harmful material, and tampering with a governmental record (for forging records). Lugo faces charges of possession of child pornography. There were reportedly 42,000 images of child pornography found between the two men.

It is unknown if either Wesson or Lugo will be charged in any of the cases of molestation.

[Photo courtesy of Scallywag & Vagabond]