Ghost Recon: Future Soldier not coming to PC, replaced by Ghost Recon Online

Following up on recent news that Ubisoft probably won’t be releasing I Am Alive on PC, the publisher revealed that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will also not be seeing a release on the platform, and it’s for the very same reason: piracy.

Ubisoft isn’t going to completely deprive the PC crowd of some Ghost Recon, however. They may not be getting Future Soldier, but they will be getting Ghost Recon Online, which will remain exclusive to the PC until the Wii U is released.

Ubisoft is calling Ghost Recon Online the “equivalent” to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, so the publisher considers it not to be too much of a loss for the PC crowd. To further thwart the evils of piracy, Ubisoft will be making Ghost Recon Online entirely free-to-play and, of course, DRM-free.

“We are giving away most of the content for free because there’s no barrier to entry,” Ghost Recon Online producer Sébastien Arnoult told PC Gamer. “To the users that are traditionally playing the game by getting it through Pirate Bay, we said, ‘Okay, go ahead guys. This is what you’re asking for. We’ve listened to you – we’re giving you this experience. It’s easy to download, there’s no DRM that will pollute your experience.”

Arnoult continued:

“When we started Ghost Recon Online we were thinking about Ghost Recon: Future Solider; having something ported in the classical way without any deep development, because we know that 95% of our consumers will pirate the game. So we said okay, we have to change our mind.

“We have to adapt, we have to embrace this instead of pushing it away. That’s the main reflection behind Ghost Recon Online and the choice we’ve made to go in this direction.”