People Of Walmart Unite! $2 Waffle Makers Lead To Black Friday Riot

Seriously people? Has America become so fat and obsessed with waffles that a Walmart riot is necessary when attempting to buy a $2 waffle maker.

A frenzy broke out in a Walmart near Little Rock, Arkansas on Black Friday when shoppers formed a riot over the possibility of picking up $2 waffle makers from the retail giants location.

If that isn’t bad enough one shopper at a Los Angeles Walmart pepper sprayed 20 shoppers over an Xbox 360 sale, while another person was shot outside a northern California Walmart.

Here’s the riot, just be warned there’s a good deal of People of Walmart type butt crack to be witnessed:

When will people realize that a $2 waffle maker and other super cheap products last about four seconds before breaking down.

Do you think this riot is one of the dumbest displays of consumerism to come about from this years various Black Friday sales events?