Amy Adams Dishes on Her “Muppet Love”

Actress Amy Adams says she was a huge fan of The Muppets as a youth and is honored to be starring in the big-screen revival of the film, which hit theaters on Wednesday, November 22nd.

“I loved the Muppets growing up and I knew if I loved the Muppets this much, there was a whole generation of people who loved them as much as I do,” Amy explained in an interview with Sheknows.

Adams, who is probably best remembered for her role in the acclaimed Mark Wahlberg-Christian Bale boxing-flick, The Fighter, transitioned perfectly for the Muppets musical comedy, taking on the part of Mary, a woman who – along with her boyfriend (played by Jason Segel) – helps the much loved characters save their own theatre from a greedy oil tycoon.

“It was fantastic but so much different than I expected,” Amy said of filming. “I have a whole new respect for the puppeteers. I did not know it was so technical, so complicated and so specific.”

Adams also praised her co-actor, Segel, who reportedly sent the 37-year-old a personalized video invitation to join the cast with assistance from Kermit the Frog.

“He has a ton of energy,” said Adams of Segel. “And he’s like a big kid, but a true professional, and that always helps. Plus he has this surreal passion for the Muppets, so he brought that to the set every day.”

Segel, who, in addition to acting, wrote and produced the movie, said that the film’s release was easily the best day of his life.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Segel told “But it was time for the Muppets to come back to the world, and here we are. It’s truly an out of body experience being here.”

Check out Amy Adams and Jason Segel in the trailer for The Muppets below: