Lynn Reynolds Charged With Hit And Run That Killed Teen, Thought She Hit A Ball

Lynn Reynolds, an elderly woman, was charged with a hit and run after fatally striking a high school student with her car and leaving the scene of the accident shortly thereafter.

According to her lawyer, Barry Deonarine, the 78-year-old retired psychotherapist thought that her vehicle was simply hit by a ball when she allegedly struck 14-year-old Mohammed Naiem Uddin on Thursday.

Deonarine claims that the 5 p.m. darkness prevented Lynn Reynolds from being able to see the teenage high school student, which is why she drove away from the scene.

“She got out of her car, she didn’t see anything… She thought that somebody had thrown a ball against her car.”

Based on the lawyer’s claim, Lynn Reynolds did not see anything or anyone so she hopped back into her vehicle and continued driving to her home, which was about four blocks away from the scene of the accident.

At the time of the accident, NBC New York reports that the ninth grade tech student was crossing the crosswalk on East Seventh Street, which was a relatively short distance away from his own home. Mohammed Uddin suffered body and head trauma from being hit and was pronounced dead after he was rushed to the hospital.

Lynn Reynolds was charged with multiple traffic violations in addition to leaving the scene of the accident which killed Mohammed Uddin at East Seventh Street and Caton Avenue.

The elderly Brooklyn resident was released on a $25,000 bail.

During an interview, Barry Deonarine explained exactly what the prosecutors would have to prove in court in order for Lynn Reynolds to be found guilty of any charges.

Based on his statement, they will have to prove Lynn Reynolds knew that she hit someone and intentionally drove away from the scene of the crime.

“Obviously, she’s very distraught and upset that this young man has passed away… This was an accident. Ultimately, she didn’t break the law.”

According to the young boy’s uncle, his nephew dreamed of eventually becoming a medical specialist after he finished his schooling. Mohammed was enrolled in one of the best specialized high schools in the city. He moved to the United States a decade ago, along with his family, from Bangladesh.

If Lynn Reynolds is convicted, she can face up to seven years in prison. The New York Daily News reports that Reynolds only getting probation without having to serve any jail time is also a possibility.

[Image Credit: Daily News]