Posty: All-in-one AIR App for Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Tumblr and Friendfeed

Posty is an Adobe AIR application that supports interaction with Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Tumblr and Friendfeed.

Posty delivers content for each via a separate tab for each service. Customization features are basic, allowing users to change the color of fonts, but nothing else. Posty users can post to one, all, or a combination of each service through the one screen, allowing for easy cross posting to the supported platforms.

As more and more competing services come out, the ability to track and participate in each one, particularly at a time where Twitter users are scattering all over the place, becomes harder. Posty goes some way in delivering an easy to use, one stop frontend for multiple services.

Why I don’t like it: the screen shot above is Posty’s actual size. 550px wide. Fat as fat can be for a service that should be complimentary on your screen, not take up a large chunk of monitor space. It also lacks friend content for Pownce and Jaiku, making it a waste of time for both. However, it is a step in the right direction, the app is still fairly young, and it would be fair to presume that some of these issues will be addressed with later releases. If you can handle the size, it’s worth a look.

(via Sarah in Tampa)