Windows 8 Bootkit Exploit Already Discovered [Video Demonstration]

Security researcher Peter Kleissner has managed to bypass User Account Control on Windows 8 through the use of a small 14KB piece of code.

According to ZDNET Peter’s hack is believed to be the first proof-of-concept that has found a vulnerability in Microsoft’s new operating system which will launch in 2012.

After the exploit has been launched the OS operates under the SYSTEM account which then lets a hacker run a command prompt where they can defeat the User Account Control by avoiding the user prompt.

The Windows 8 OS is currently in Beta testing and the exploit will likely be fixed ahead of shipping however the small size of the code and the ease for which it was executed still deal a small humiliating blow to Microsoft as the company continues to emphasize their platforms stronger security standards via Windows Defender improvements.

Included with the new system is a real-time detection and protection suite along with a SmartScreen filtering system for Windows 8 and security improvements to Internet Explroer.

Here’s Peter Kleissner showing off the hack:

[via Electronisa]