Michael Sam Calls Brothers ‘Evil’ People In GQ Interview

Michael Sam, who was one of the first openly gay football players in the National Football League, gave a recent interview to GQ magazine and described how his brothers made his life hell. In the article, Sam said his brothers were “evil,” and said both of them have written letters to him from prison. However, after all the abuse he took at his brothers’ hands, Sam wants nothing to do with them.

As USA Today reported, Sam said that the police were called on his brothers many times, not only for beating him up, but for abusing their sisters too. He has also mentioned being a “punching bag” in other interviews, and that he excelled in sports as a way out of his Hitchcock, Texas, home town.

“My brothers were the ones who were there. Most of the time, that was scary. I tried to stay away as much as possible… My brothers were evil people. I don’t have a relationship with them now. They’ve both written me letters from prison. For them to dare to call themselves my brothers—I can’t live with that.”

Sam said he started playing football to stay away from home, and the sport was a hobby for him in junior high and high school. He would often leave home at dawn and not come back until it was late, but his brothers would still beat him up on a regular basis.

The Sporting News reported that Sam would opt to love his brothers from afar, like he does his father.

“[They] Call me that word [“faggot”], although they meant “scared,” “sissy,” not “gay.” Our house was… strangers showing up, coming in. When I was a kid, I had no idea what they were doing… People tell me I need to forgive. I will learn to forgive them. I will love them from a distance, just like I love my dad from a distance. But I will never have a special relationship with them. What I went through was scary.”

The former Missouri football standout never has talked at great length about his life growing up in Texas, and few of his friends knew what he had gone through as a youngster with his brothers until the GQ article was written. Sam was cut from the practice team with the Dallas Cowboys, but as the Inquisitr reported, Sam may be headed to play arena football in Las Vegas.