Jennifer Aniston Mocks Kim Kardashian Photo: ‘I Was An Original’

Actress Jennifer Aniston mocked Kim Kardashian jokingly in a recent interview with Extra TV.

The 45-year-old actress had a chance to open up at the red carpet premiere of her new movie, Horrible Bosses 2, about her highly-publicized yet somewhat controversial 1996 Rolling Stone magazine cover.

In the picture, Jennifer Aniston laid on her stomach on a bed facing the camera with her bare butt in clear sight.

Aniston’s brief yet profound comment in reference to the 18-year-old photo spoke volumes – especially since she jokingly aimed the comment directly at Kim Kardashian.

“I was an original. Sorry, Kim K.”

Kim Kardashian recently showcased her own backside on the cover of Paper Magazine, successfully reaching her goal to “break the Internet.”

Back in March of 1996, it was virtually impossible for Jennifer Aniston’s Rolling Stone cover to achieve the same goal. Keep in mind that the world wide web was not even opened to the public until 1991 — five years before Aniston’s Rolling Stone cover was released. Social media was more than likely not even thought about at that time.

However, Jennifer Aniston was still able to shock the world and make headlines with her “original” pose in the Rolling Stone magazine – especially since millions of people had just gotten used to seeing her as Rachel Green from Friends at the time.

Nearly 20 years later, Jennifer Aniston’s Rolling Stone cover is still one of the highest-ranking magazine covers in the eyes of quite a few critics. For instance, BuzzFeed ranked the cover as the #2 sexiest Rolling Stone cover of all time – second only to Justin Timberlake’s cover from January 2003.

Even though the Rolling Stone cover may have been Jennifer Aniston’s first nude magazine cover, it was definitely not her last.

Many of her biggest fans and most skeptical critics remember that she posed nude for GQ magazine wearing nothing but a red, white and blue necktie for the January 2009 issue — 13 years after her first nude photo and nearly five years after she bid farewell to Rachel Green.

[Image Credit: Huffington Post & Babble]