42,000 Year-Old Tuna Meal Discovered By Archeologists

Archeologists working in an Eat Timor cave near Australia have discovered the remained of a tuna feast that occurred 42,000 years ago. The tuna meal and shark bones are an important find since it shows that early humans may have been capable of deep sea fishing long before first suspected.

If deep sea fishing was accomplished so long ago researchers say it would help explain how humans were able to travel across vast areas of water.

According to one scientist:

“What the site in East Timor has shown us is that early modern humans in Island Southeast Asia had amazingly advanced maritime skills.”

Even today Tuna proves to be a difficult fish to catch which would make the fishing skills of early humans all that more impressive. According to researchers while there are many ways to catch tuna ancient humans were likely using “sophisticated technology and watercraft to fish offshore.”

While the idea of advanced fishing techniques is being explored another expert tells the Register that the fish may have been closer to shore at that time, perhaps they even washed up onto the shoreline during a weather based event.

How do you think early humans would have went about deep sea fishing without today’s technologies?

[Image via ShutterStock.com]