December 4, 2020
My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Insists 'Donald Trump Will Be Our President For The Next Four Years'

Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of My Pillow, insisted on Friday that President Donald Trump would continue to serve in the White House despite losing the 2020 presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden.

Lindell attended a protest outside Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp's home, and told Fox News in what Mediaite called a "bizarre" interview that he is there to spread the word about Trump's purported victory.

"I want the word to get out that Donald Trump will be our president for the next four years."
Lindell revealed that he has spoken to lawyer Sidney Powell, who filed a number of controversial lawsuits on behalf of the Trump campaign, reassuring Fox News viewers that Trump will "100 percent" remain in office.

"When I go all in like I did for the president in 2016, I do my due diligence and I get out there, and I could sit here and tell you, 100 percent. Not 98, 100 percent," he stressed.

Powell, who was a member of Trump's legal team and held press conferences together with his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, has made a number of baseless claims and alleged widespread voter fraud. Giuliani and campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis recently distanced themselves from her.

Lindell also explained to Fox News that he is sponsoring the demonstrations and that he and other Trump supporters will soon take to the streets of Washington, D.C. to express support for the commander-in-chief and protest against those who participated in the alleged effort to rig the election for Biden.

The businessman added that the protests are meant to raise awareness about what really went on in the presidential race. He slammed the media for not covering his and other Trump allies' claims and said that shocking revelations will continue to come out.

"I want people to have the awareness of what went on because the mainstream media is not showing you this, but all the corruption, by the time it's all opened up here and they see it, even the Democrats are going to go, 'Wow, at least my party tried to steal it,'" he claimed.

Michael J. Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, cheers as President Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a campaign rally at Scheels Arena in Fargo, North Dakota.
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

Trump's has refused to concede the race, mounting legal challenges in key battleground states. The effort to overturn the results has been largely unsuccessful, however. As The Associated Press reported, his lawyers filed around 50 lawsuits so far and 30 have already been dropped or dismissed.

Even some former White House officials have suggested that the time has come for Trump to accept the will of the American people and step down. In an interview on Friday, former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said that the United States needs to "move forward" and called for a peaceful transition of power. She also expressed willingness to work with the Biden administration.