Is Corey Simms’ Custody Filing The Reason Behind Leah’s Exit From ‘Teen Mom 2?’

Corey Simms’ custody filing is reportedly what prompted Leah Calvert to quit Teen Mom 2. On Friday, as reported by the Inquisitr, Leah announced she would not be returning to the MTV reality show for a sixth season. Now, a source claims it was Leah’s upcoming custody battle with Corey which sent her packing.

“Leah’s final court date is coming up, and her behavior on the show made her look really bad to the judge,” a source told Radar Online on November 21.

During an episode of Teen Mom 2, which aired earlier this year, Leah, a stay-at-home mom, admitted to feeling “druggy” after taking prescribed medication for her anxiety issues. She was even seen slurring her words while on the phone with her daughter’s doctor.

As Teen Mom 2 fans recently learned, Leah and Corey’s daughter, Ali, the twin of Aleeah, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy last year. Although she is currently able to walk around, she will eventually be restricted to a wheel chair, which Leah and Corey obtained for her earlier this year.

“Leah’s daughters are her number one priority,” the friend continued. “Now that the show could lead her to lose custody, she’s ready to leave her reality TV life behind.”

In September, a source revealed to In Touch Weekly that Corey had filed for full custody.

“A few months ago, Leah asked Corey for more money, and it really pissed him off,” a source close to the Teen Mom 2 star told the magazine. “To get back at her, he asked for full custody of Ali and Aleeah — and used her recent prescription-medication use as grounds as well.”

“She couldn’t believe that Corey would stoop so low, especially since he knows that she’s a good mom,” the source told explained, adding that Leah stopped taking the prescribed pills after the “druggy” scene was filmed. “She’s sober now.”

As the Inquisitr reported earlier, Jenelle Evans responded to Leah’s announcement shortly after her tweets were posted, seemingly dissing Leah for shutting fans out of what is going on in her life.

“We r on the show to share our struggles, not hide them,” Jenelle wrote. “Thanks for everyone’s support over the years! Love u guys!”

On the show, Jenelle has been known for her candidness. Not only has the reality star shared scenes featuring her not-so-impressive parenting choices and violent altercations with her ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, and on-again, off-again best friend, Tori Rhyne, she’s also exposed her drug use on the show.

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