‘The Good Wife’ Spoilers, Return Date: ‘The Trial’ Midseason Finale Brings Tough Decision For Cary Agos

The Good Wife midseason finale airs on Sunday night, and it’s finally time for Cary Agos’ trial. Will he manage to clear his name? When will the show return, and will Cary be spending those new episodes behind bars? There are a few The Good Wife spoilers available for the big November 23 show, and fans won’t want to miss them.

TV Guide shares a big The Good Wife spoiler preview. Cary is talking with Kalinda, and he says he feels sure that the jury is going to convict him. He says that the defense doesn’t have a case, and when he looks at the jury, he can tell they want to put him away.

Cary is offered a plea deal, but only if he turns against Lemond Bishop. Agos knows that if he turns on Bishop, he may well get killed. At the same time, as he tells Alicia, he just can’t face doing 15 years in prison if he passes on the deal and he gets convicted. She says he needs to fight it, but will he?

Also during this episode, titled simply “The Trial,” Alicia and her daughter will share a joke of some sort that could wreck serious havoc on Florrick’s State’s Attorney campaign. Alicia ends up in serious trouble over the joke, but apparently Eli Gold will work his magic to straighten things out.

Will fans be left hanging with The Good Wife midseason finale? Chances are good that they will, but luckily they won’t have to wait too terribly long for new episodes to begin again. According to The Futon Critic, the Season 6, Episode 11 show will air on Sunday, January 4.

Though in past seasons The Good Wife focused on different cases every week, the primary focus so far in Season 6 has been on Cary’s case. While viewers love the character of Agos, many are ready to mix things up a bit and have him back on his feet again. Given Cary’s current situation, though, it’s hard to imagine how he’ll pull it off.

From the looks of things, there are some very powerful scenes ahead. While Archie Panjabi, who plays Kalinda, is around for the rest of this season, the actress has already revealed that she won’t be back next season. How will that flavor the remaining interactions between Cary and Kalinda during the rest of Season 6? The photos released by CBS show a lot of emotion ahead in this one and fans can’t wait to sink their teeth into the Season 6 midseason finale.

Will Cary Agos accept the plea deal and turn against Bishop? Will he go to trial and take his chances? How will things progress on Alicia Florrick’s campaign for State’s Attorney? It sounds as if there are big developments ahead, and fans won’t want to miss a minute. The Good Wife midseason finale airs on CBS on Sunday, November 23.

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