Kendra Wilkinson Divorce: Hank Baskett Is ‘Putting In Effort’ Says Kendra

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s divorce is seemingly off at this point, as the reality star says that her husband is “putting in the effort” to make their marriage work. According to People Magazine, Kendra opens up to a therapist on the newest episode of Kendra on Top, and she says that Hank has done what he needed to do to prove that he loves her, and that he cares about their marriage.

“I believe most guys that didn’t care wouldn’t do what he was doing. The effort he’s putting in is proving to me that he does truly love me,” Kendra explained. “I can sit here and say, just by being here, I believe he is fighting for me.”

Kendra Wilkinson was just about ready to end her marriage back in June, when she learned that something happened between her husband and transsexual model Ava Sabrina London. Not knowing what to believe, Kendra felt as though she was left with little choice. With Hank not talking much, the reality star was forced to decide whether she was going to file for divorce, or wait for an explanation. Now, it sounds like the two are in a much better place.

Kendra had a very hard time with making a decision about what to do in her situation. She just had a baby at the time, and was struggling to make a decision that was right for her and for her family. According to Hollywood Life, Hank Baskett had a very hard time with everything too. It was not easy for either party.

“I hit bottom. My greatest fear is losing my family. That’s all I live for. I completely lost my identity. I started holding everything in because I felt like no one could understand. There was a point when I felt I couldn’t defend myself and there was no way for me to make it through this. It’s an extremely tough feeling, but I realized there’s no way I could ever check out on my kids and my wife. I’m not a quitter.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kendra Wilkinson is still with Hank, and the two are doing their best to work things out. They have capitalized on the attention, and have landed two reality shows (aside from Kendra on Top) since the cheating scandal first hit the internet. At this point, it sounds like the two are going to make it.

[Photo courtesy of Angela Weiss/Getty Images via Us Weekly]