Lauren Alaina Messes Up National Anthem On Thanksgiving Day

Former American Idol Runner-Up Lauren Alaina probably didn’t give thanks on Thursday for her chance to sing the American National Anthem at the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers game, that’s because she became yet another star who flubbed the anthem’s lyrics.

The flub quickly became a Twitter Top 10 Trending mishap and allowed her to join the ranks of other celebrities who have messed up our country’s anthem, stars who have included Roseanne Barr (by far the worst), Keri Hilson and most recently Christina Aguilera.

Alaina appeared a bit nervous when she took to the field for the traditional singing of the anthem and as she sang “What so proudly we hailed, through the twi…” at which point she paused for five awkward seconds.

Here’s a video of Lauren Alaina’s National Anthem mishap:

It can happen to anyone who happens to be singing in front of a sold out crowd but it’s never the less always awkward to witness.