Mike Golic Recreates Kim Kardashian Nude Photo, The World Retches

Mike Golic has recreated Kim Kardashian’s already iconic Paper Magazine shoot after losing a bet with his fellow ESPN host.

Just a few days after the internet had recovered from the reality television star’s attempt to break it, Mike Golic reminded the world of the horrors that can be found by trawling the world wide web.

Mike Golic, an ESPN radio personality and an ex-NFL defensive lineman, made a bet with his co-host, Mike Greenberg, that Notre Dame would beat North Western last weekend.

Whoever lost out of the pair, both of whom host the Mike and Mike in the Morning show, had to bare their buttocks to the world by recreating the image that Kim Kardashian had posed for earlier this month.

North-Western ended up winning the game 43-40 in overtime. This meant that Golic, who previously played for Notre Dame, had to strip down to his birthday suit rather than Greenberg, who is an alumni of Northwestern.

You can check out the rather haunting image below. WARNING though, once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Northwestern were quick to take responsibility for this heinous act. They took to their own Twitter account and almost apologetically responded to the image.

According to the New York Daily News, Cris Carter, who is a Hall of Famer wide receiver who regularly appears on the Mike and Mike show, had the best response to the release of the nauseating picture though.

He quipped, “It looks like he tried to flex so hard he farted and a bow came out.”

#GolicButtPhoto instantly started to trend around the world once the picture was released. Which meant that people from across the globe who don’t even follow football and haven’t got a clue who Mike Golic is were privy to his nude shoot.

Fingers crossed that this is the end of it though. Because if Mike Golic goes on to replicate Kim Kardashian’s full frontal nude image, then I really do believe that he might break the internet forever.

You can compare Mike Golic’s effort to Kim Kardashian’s by checking out her original picture below. I think we all know who is victorious in this battle though.