Oregon Shoplifter Boxers: Alleged Thief Brawls With Store Owners Over Beer, Stripped Of Clothing [Video]

Beverton police say an Oregon shoplifter left only in his boxers, but had more clothing on when he entered. Solomon Yemane-Berhane was arrested early this month for allegedly attempting to steal alcoholic beverages from a convenience store. However, after a brawl with the shop owners, the suspected beer bandit fled only in his underwear, according to the New York Daily News.

On November 9, a surveillance camera captured footage of an altercation between an alleged shoplifter and two store owners at the Best Mart along Southwest Hall Boulevard. Things escalated when the suspect tried leaving the store without paying for beer. The tape shows the woman trying to block Yemane-Berhane from leaving while her husband pursues him.

The couple manages to restrain the man, and the struggle continued further inside the store where the owners fought relentlessly. Some frames show what appears to be the woman biting the man’s lower leg while trying to slip off his trousers. The fight went on for several minutes as two unidentified customers looked on without intervening.

At some point during the brawl, the husband and wife owners got the upper-hand and managed to strip the suspected shoplifter of nearly all of his clothing. He then managed to slip away, clad only in his boxers, with the man and woman in hot pursuit.

In the aftermath of the fight over the stolen beer, the store was left in shambles. On the floor were overturned displays, broken bottles, and candy packages. It’s unknown how much damage was done in the struggle over the beer. And in a bold move, the Oregon man is seen at end of the video returning to retrieve his jacket from the store.

A short time later, Beaverton police caught up with the man in his boxer shorts. He tried to flee, but was apprehended. Officers charged the man in connection with the shoplifting and assaulting police officers. Reportedly, the suspect gave cops an obscene gesture during the chase.

Yemane-Berhane faces felony and misdemeanor charges on resisting arrest, fourth-degree assault, third-degree criminal mischief, and third-degree robbery.

The fight left the Oregon shoplifter with only his boxers and a few scrapes. However, no one was seriously injured in the melee.

[Image via: Fox10Phoenix via NY Daily News]