Emily Dearden: NYPD Psychologist Tried To Kill Husband, Kenneth Dearden, To Be With Lover

An NYPD psychologist from Yonkers, New york, was arrested in connection with the shooting and attempted murder of her husband, Kenneth Dearden. According to the latest report from CBS News, 46-year-old police psychologist Emily Dearden turned herself into the police department, where she was officially charged with second-degree murder.

The shooting of Kenneth Dearden made national headlines in 2013. Now Kenneth Dearden is suing his soon-to-be ex-wife for trying to kill him and for adultery, according to CBS-Local-New York. Court documents show that on November 14, 2013, law enforcement officials arrived at the home, where they found a white male suffering from a gunshot wound to the head or neck area. The man, who was alert, told officers that he woke up with a sharp pain in his jaw, and that there was blood on a nearby pillow. He also told officers that as he stumbled downstairs, he saw his wife, Emily Dearden, on the floor, claiming that she had been attacked by an intruder. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for his injuries. His wife, Emily Dearden, did not accompany her husband to the hospital that day, neighbors say.

As the police made it back to the home to investigate the case further, they found a very alert, Emily Dearden, washing the clothes that she had worn on the night she claimed to have been attacked. The police made their way through the home and decided that there was no sign of forced entry, ruling out a home intruder angle.

Police believed that there was more to the story, and spent the next several months gathering evidence.

During the police investigation, detectives also learned that Emily Dearden had been carrying on a love affair with a Texas man identified as Warren David Roudebush, aka Warren Roudebush, whom attorneys found was in town the day of the shooting. Police believe that the attack on husband Kenneth Dearden was an attempt to get rid of him so that his wife could make a life with her new boyfriend. Emily Dearden will be arraigned on Friday in Yonkers Criminal Court. Inquisitr recently reported on the Chisako Kakehi black widow murder case.

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