‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers About ‘Crossed’: Caryl Shippers Should Be Worried [Video]

The Walking Dead fans will finally get to see what’s going on with all the survivors in this week’s episode titled “Crossed.”

The last three episodes of The Walking Dead focused on one portion of Rick’s split-up family at at time — “Slabtown” was all about Beth, “Self Help” focused on Abraham’s group, and “Consumed” showed viewers what happened when Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon got to spend an entire episode together (Caryl shippers probably ended up being pretty disappointed).

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, this week’s episode of The Walking Dead will be split up into segments that will give viewers a glimpse of everyone (be forewarned that major spoilers lie ahead). Noah and Daryl Dixon will make it back to Father Gabriel’s church, and Rick Grimes won’t hesitate to form a posse that will head to the hospital in hopes of saving Carol and Beth Greene.

According to Spoiler TV, the hospital posse will include Daryl, Sasha, Rick, Tyreese, and Noah. The group is planning on using Noah as a bargaining chip because he’s so valuable to Officer Dawn. Unfortunately, Rick’s rescue won’t go according to plan — his group’s gunfire will attract the attention of the hospital police, making it impossible for the survivors to get inside Grady Memorial before “Crossed” is over. “Crossed” is the last episode before the midseason finale, so of course the writers decided to save the big hospital showdown for next week’s “Coda.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Bethyl fans have a serious cause for concern — there are numerous reports that Beth Greene won’t survive the midseason finale of The Walking Dead. However, Caryl shippers are the ones who will be worried while watching “Crossed.”

Noah convinced Daryl Dixon to let the hospital people take Carol because he believed that they would use their medical equipment to save her life. Unfortunately, The Spoiling Dead Fans reports that Carol will be “very, very ill,” and her chances of pulling through will get even slimmer when Dawn decides to turn off the machines aiding her recovery. You can see Dawn’s behavior in the sneak peek below.

Now the task of saving Carol’s life will be left up to Beth.

Abraham & Co. won’t make it back to the church this week — instead they’ll divide up the group even more when they split up to look for supplies. The Spoiling Dead Fans reports that viewers won’t get to see much of Abe’s group, but Maggie will get a pretty badass moment. A quick flashback will also show how Abe and Eugene met Rosita.

Back at the church, Carl will try to convince Father Gabriel to toughen up. The Walking Dead sneak peek below shows Carl Poppa dropping some serious wisdom about surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Bethyl and Caryl shippers might be biting their nails Sunday night, but Richonne fans will have a reason to smile — Rick and Michonne will reportedly have a “nice talk” before Rick heads off to the hospital.

Here are a few more quick spoilers: there will be a fishing trip, viewers will see some of “the most disgusting walkers ever,” Tara will fall in love with an object, and one of the survivors will be unconscious at the end of the episode.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

[Image credit: AMC]