Ken Todd And Lisa Vanderpump To Leave ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Behind?

Ken Todd has been a big part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as his wife Lisa Vanderpump has shared everything with him. Ken knows when people are feuding, and on the finale last year, he got involved with the drama, defending his wife over the accusations that she had tried to bring tabloids to Palm Springs to confront Kyle Richards over the cheating rumors involving her husband.

It was during this season finale that fans saw how hurt Ken Todd really was over the drama that had gone down between the ladies on the show. Todd didn’t see any of the women as true friends of himself and Lisa, including Brandi Glanville. Vanderpump wanted to try and talk to the other women, but Todd was ready to end friendships and move on.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Ken Todd isn’t one to talk to the media about Lisa’s role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but rumors are swirling that this couple could leave the show after this season. Perhaps they came back to promote PUMP and give the other ladies a chance to apologize and work things out.

“Lisa’s had a good run on the show and she’s glad she did it,” a source has told Hollywood Report, adding, “She’s got not one regret. It’s allowed her to be connected to some pretty interesting women, bring awareness to charities she likes and has even allowed her to face her fear of dancing on ‘Dancing with the Stars.'”

Plus, the couple used the show to promote her restaurants and Vanderpump Rules. Ken Todd bonded with Kyle Richards’ husband, and the two were spotted hanging out on various trips. It sounds like Ken is just as hurt as Lisa is. Even though Vanderpump was the focus, Todd has been a big part of the show. And Ken has shared his thoughts about his wife’s friends and co-stars.

“Last season, she felt the girls were viciously attacking her when all she’s ever tried to do was be a neutral friend to them,” the source continued, revealing, “She’s not going to name names specifically, but she’s nurtured and took [sic] several women — one on the show and another off — under her wing, only to be backstabbed and betrayed in the end. Lisa’s all about loyalty and trust, and a few of the ladies don’t know the definition of either.”

It sounds like Lisa and Brandi will have to make up when the cameras are not rolling, unless they work out their issues this season, according to the Inquisitr. Even though Ken Todd and his wife may leave The, they are not planning on leaving Bravo all together. Ken and Lisa will continue to film Vanderpump Rules, as this show has become a massive hit on Bravo.

But these two are still dealing with the legal issues that haunted them earlier this summer. Ken Todd and his wife were mentioned in a lawsuit from a former Villa Blanca employee, who claimed she was sexually harassed in the restaurant. She is now asking Ken and his wife to pay the $1.5 million legal bill.

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