Can Opening Trick Viral: Russian Man Offers Sensational Tutorial For Opening A Can With Your Bare Hands (Video)

Can openers were invented to make our lives easier, but sometimes they can still be a bit of an inconvenience. Manual can openers are sometimes difficult to use, and while electric can openers are much more efficient, there are still times when you’ve probably wished you could get the job done faster. Now, one man is showing the world a way to pop that top with your bare hands.

A Russian handyman who goes by the name CrazyRussianHacker via social media uploaded a tutorial video to YouTube. The three-minute video gives detailed instructions. However, the process is surprisingly simple. First, you must forcefully rub the top of the can against a hard surface, preferably concrete. Rubbing causes the edges of the can to wear off Then, squeeze the sizes of the can in an upward direction. The top will slowly begin to pop! The whole process takes less than 10 seconds!

The popular video, uploaded in May of last year, has received more than 17 million views and over 47,000 likes. However, some viewers still have reservations about the sensational trick. Although its quite obvious it works, it can still be a bit dangerous and messy once the top pops off of the can. The video now has almost 5,000 comments.

“That looks like a good way to slice open the fingers you are squeezing with,” one viewer said.

“i’d better off get a can opener, coz u might just cut yr fingers when squeezing the can,” another viewer agreed.

“This guy is hilarious. People, stop obsessing over what happens like, metal in the food or cutting yourself. If you REALLY were hungry, had no can opener and nowhere to hide, this would be the best meal of your life so shut it already with the a–hat comments,” viewer Cindy Owens said in support of the video.

“That works better and more reliably than my $30 Pampered Chef can opener!” another viewer said.

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