Second Country Music Singer Reveals He Is Gay Following Ty Herndon Announcement [Video]

Just a few hours after country music star Ty Herndon announced in an Entertainment Tonight interview that he is gay, a second country music singer is coming out of the closet. Billy Gilman posted a candid YouTube video titled My Story By Billy Gilman.

In the video you see Gilman talking to the camera. He discusses that it has taken him “a good many weeks to figure out how I was to approach this video that you’re watchin’ right now.” Gilman goes on to say that today “a fellow country artist and friend” made it easier or him to make this particular video. Gilman tells his fans that he is gay, and has a partner who he has happily been dating for five months.

Gilman discusses times that reporters took photos of him with his partner, and how he knew in those moments that he needed to tell his fans. He wanted to be the one to tell them about his sexuality, not the media. Gilman notes that being gay and country music don’t necessarily go well together.

“Being a gay, male, country artist is not the best thing.”

Gilman says if someone doesn’t like his music that is fine. However, even before coming out of the closet, Gilman faced scrutiny as people in Nashville wondered “is he or isn’t he.”

“After having sold over five million records and having a wonderful life, in the music industry, umm… I knew something was wrong when no major label wanted to sit down and have a meeting and listen to the new stuff.”

What do you think of Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman revealing that they are gay to fans? Will it hurt their country music careers?