Jenelle Evans Issues Statement About Struggles After Leah Calvert Announces Exit

Mary Jane

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has shared her struggles on the show for years and she has paid quite the price for putting everything on television. Evans got pregnant by a teenage boy, who didn't appear to be interested in raising his son. In fact, Jace's father has made few attempts to see his son. In addition, Jenelle has shared several relationships on Teen Mom, including a violent one with Gary Head, a drug-infused marriage to Courtland Rogers and an unhealthy courtship with Kieffer Delp.

But Jenelle Evans doesn't mind putting everything on television, even if it means she is shooting up on cameras. While she isn't proud of those moments, Evans admits that it is part of her story. And Teen Mom is about the struggles a teenage mother can face after becoming a mother at such a young age.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has no problem sharing her struggles. And she announced this news this morning, when one of her co-stars, Leah Calvert, announced that she had no interest in continuing with Teen Mom. It is uncertain what Evans meant by her comment, but it is possible Jenelle is saying that she is continuing with the show because of the reasons why Leah is quitting.

"We r on the show to share our struggles, not hide them. Thanks for everyone's support over the years! Love u guys!" Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter this morning.

But it is no secret that Evans' co-star has been dealing with some serious issues. A few weeks ago, a rumor surfaced that Leah had cheated on her husband, Jeremy Calvert. She supposedly cheated with her former boyfriend, Robbie Kidd. He was the same person she cheated with a few days before she married Corey Simms.

She was open about the rumor being false, but it sounds like her husband has been questioning the story ever since, according to the Inquisitr. The trust has been lost and he said on Twitter that he was filing for divorce. Leah has gotten support from her co-stars, including Jenelle. But it sounds like Evans thinks that she should continue to film the show, even if it is on her own. It is about sharing those struggles, not hiding them from the public.

But the pain can be too much for Leah. While Jenelle Evans has shared her divorce drama on Teen Mom, it is possible that her co-star cannot do the same thing. She may quit the show to protect her three children from the public scrutiny.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' comment about staying on the show to share the struggles of a teenage mother?

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