Florida State University Shooting: Gunman Sent Packages To 8 Friends, They Arrive Friday

The Florida State University shooting took a bizarre twist when reports that the gunman sent packages to eight of his friends surfaced. The contents of the mailings are unknown, and they are expected arrive at their destinations on Friday (November 21).

Channel 2 Action News, based out of Atlanta, learned exclusively that Myron May, the suspect killed by campus police after he shot three victims at the FSU library, mailed the mysterious packages to be delivered Friday. The group of people targeted in the mailing are unaware of what is inside, and have been advised to call police as soon as they receive the package.

The network spoke to Joe Paul, a friend of the Florida State University gunman, on Thursday, the day after the shooting that sent three people to the hospital, with one of the victims in critical condition. According to Paul, May contacted him on Facebook asking for his address, and said the package had been mailed and should arrive Friday.

“It clicked. I said, ‘Wait a minute, he sent a message to us all about a letter he was going to be sending us, or a package, to all of us to arrive Friday’. This is all connected. People were a little afraid. Why did he choose us, that’s a lingering question. Why us? Perhaps it’s an answer to why.”

Police are investigating why the gunman stormed into a library packed with students getting ready for finals and started shooting people randomly at Florida State University on Wednesday night. Reports that May believed he was being watched by the government have surfaced.

According to a report from KOAT-TV, the accused Florida State University gunman, who was an attorney, recently resigned from his job as Assistant Trial Attorney with the District Attorney’s Office in Las Cruces, New Mexico. May was shot and killed when he was confronted by campus police. He was an 2005 FSU graduate.

The executive director of the State Bar, Joe Conte, said May’s behavior during September classes was bizarre and concerning, and he frequently missed class.

“[He] left abruptly, came back and then left again abruptly,” Conte said.

As a matter of fact, staff was so concerned, according to Conte, they asked him to meet with counselors. However, the Florida State University gunman assured them he was fine, but then left the state and resurfaced on Wednesday night during the school shooting.

Prior to working at the DA’s office, May worked as a Public Defender’s Office and had an “exemplary” work ethics record, says Dona Ana County District Attorney Mark D’Antonio.

“Mr. May had exemplary work ethic at the Public Defender’s Office. We knew him from there. Everybody will tell you that he was efficient; very well-intentioned during his work. He worked hard (and) was very fair and honest. My office and my staff are in deep shock.”

D’Antonio says the office was made aware of May’s resignation in a letter dated October 6. The Florida State University gunman was also described by Paul as a mild-mannered person in stark contradiction to his actions during the shooting.

[Image via The Anti Media/Twitter]