Iran arrests 12 undercover CIA agents, IRNA reports

The Islamic Republic News Agency said on Wednesday that 12 undercover CIA agents have been arrested in Iran.

Parviz Sorouri, a senior Iranian official, was quoted by the agency as saying that the spies were attempting to spy on the nation’s security and military capabilities, and possibly their nuclear program. The US strongly believes that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, but the company repeatedly denied those claims.

“The US and Zionist regime’s espionage apparatuses were trying to use regional intelligence services, both inside and outside Iran, in order to deal a strong blow to our country,” he was quoted as saying. “Fortunately, these steps failed due to the quick measures taken by Intelligence Ministry officials.”

The news follows closely behind reports on Monday that Lebanon’s Hezbollah had uncovered several alleged CIA informants. Afterwards, reports started to come in from US officials which backed up the claims, suggesting that the lives of several agents in the region are in danger.

Sorouri did not specify the nationality of the alleged CIA agents arrested in the country, nor did he comment on when or where the arrests were made.

via BBC

[Image: Reuters]