Reporter Takes Flying Skateboard In The Head: This Had To Hurt [Video]

A reporter took a flying skateboard to the head, and honestly, I’m not sure how he survived.

Mike Amor, U.S. bureau chief for Australia’s Seven Network, was at a skate park doing a video piece when a rogue board flew up at a high rate of speed and hammered him in the back of the skull.

The reporter’s reaction to the flying skateboard is about like you would expect, and it’s pretty hard to watch the first time through. Luckily, when you find out that Mike Amor was able to walk away with just a bump to the head, it relieved the tension for subsequent viewings.

With horrifying head injury stories, though, you can never be sure.

Seeing this, I was reminded of the death of Liam Neeson’s wife, Natasha Richardson. Richardson, an actress herself, was skiing when she was injured in 2009. The effects of the injury were not immediate. She’d taken a bump to the head but was able to walk and talk and function normally for a brief period of time.

However, an epidural hematoma was produced from the blow to the head and she soon slipped into a coma from which she would never awaken. Thankfully, since some time has passed it appears that the reporter struck by the flying skateboard will be okay, but it’s scary nonetheless.

Here’s the video if you’d like to see it for yourself.

On the one hand, Mike Amor might be embarrassed by the above display, but his colleagues were certainly showing their respect. The simple fact he survived means he took that thing like a champ, and the anchors were saying as much, commenting on his toughness.

Of course, I’m sure if he had it to do over again, the board would have flown several inches to the right or left, but what can you do?

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Amor has been a reporter for 25 years. His credentials include “winning the Edward R Murrow National Award for his report on the rescue of a toddler after the Haiti earthquake, a Logie for his report on the Garuda plane crash in Indonesia in 2008 and two Quill Awards.”

He was also “on the ground in New York during the September 11 attacks, in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and has been a war correspondent during the Libyan rebellion, the Gaza war and two Fijian coups,” the site adds.

Quite a career, but judging from the YouTube video views (134,000 at the time of this post), he’ll forever be known as the reporter hit by the flying skateboard.

(Hat tip to Time for bringing this one to our attention.)

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