Bill Cosby Rape Stories: TV ‘Hulk’ Lou Ferrigno’s Wife Says Cosby Attacked Her, 6th Woman Claims Rape

The Bill Cosby rape allegations continue to slam the 77-year-old, once-beloved comedian as the wife of former TV Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno said in a radio interview that Cosby attacked her in 1967, and a 57-year-old Boca Raton, Florida, mom told People Magazine that Cosby gave her drugs and raped her in 1976, making her the sixth woman to publicly accuse Cosby.

Carla Ferrigno, a former psychotherapist who has been married to Lou Ferrigno since 1980, said that she was just 19-year-old Carla Green, a onetime Playboy bunny, when Cosby invited her to his home to attend a party. But at some point during the soiree she was suddenly the only one in the room with Cosby and, despite that fact that Cosby’s own wife was at home, the comedian grabbed and assaulted her, she said.

Though Cosby forced her to kiss him, Carla Ferrigno said, his behavior progressed no further.

“I feel so bad for these women. I was the lucky one,” Ferrigno told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper following her radio interview. “I mean ‘lucky’ in that he didn’t harm me. It harmed me emotionally all my life but he didn’t physically harm me.”

Though she has been married to the former Incredible Hulk star and bodybuilding champion for 34 years, Carla Ferrigno said that she did not reveal the disturbing Cosby incident to her husband Lou until just five years ago.

“I said to Lou, ‘I really need to tell someone because I feel that bringing all of this out in the public, I’m one more nail in the coffin who will keep him from doing this again,'” she told the radio interviewers Thursday, explaining why she made her allegations public at this time.

Also on Thursday, Therese Serignese of Boca Raton, Florida, told People that Bill Cosby told her to take the drug Methaqualone, better known as Quaalude, in the comic’s dressing room after a 1976 performance in Las Vegas.

She said she felt “high” and has no memory of what happened next — until she came to and found herself nude with Cosby sexually penetrating her.

“I was just like bent over, and he was saying all kinds of dirty stuff. I felt powerless, I didn’t know what to do, and the drugs certainly enhanced that,” Serignese told the magazine. “That’s what I remember — having sex with him, not wanting to be there, not knowing how to get out of there.”

Now the divorced mom of three adult children, Serignese said she continued to see Cosby and had other sexual encounters with him after the initial alleged rape, and at one point accepted money from him.

But she says that she later became one of 13 anonymous “Jane Doe” accusers of Bill Cosby in a 2006 civil suit in which another woman accused the Cosby Show star of rape.

Cosby settled that lawsuit out of court. He has never faced criminal charges for sexual assault or any sex offense and has consistently refused to answer questions about the multiple rape accusations. Lawyers for Bill Cosby have said that he categorically denies all the rape allegations.