Secret Service Arrests Armed Woman Outside Of White House [Breaking]

The Secret Service arrested an armed woman outside of the White House Thursday night.

April Lenhart, 23, of Michigan, was arrested after Secret Service agents in plainclothes saw her along the north fence line of the White House with a 9 mm handgun in a holster. She is being held on suspicion of an unregistered firearm, according to a White House official. It’s also reported that she is not being cooperative with investigators. A second person was with Lenhart, but not arrested.

Nothing further is known at this time.

This is the second such arrest in two days at the White House. R.J. “Renae” Kapheim was arrested on Wednesday after approaching a Secret Service agent on his own. Kapheim, 43, of Davenport, Iowa, claimed that President Barack Obama had personally called Kapheim and asked for an appointment with him. As the agent searched the database to confirm the appointment, which did not exist, he noted that Kapheim was talking to himself and acting strange. Calling for backup, the Secret Service located his car, where he had a rife, a knife, and 40 rounds of ammunition. He pleaded not guilty on Thursday to illegally carrying a rifle.

These arrests have come just days after acting Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy testified about the major breach in security last September, when a man was able to hop a fence and get inside the White House armed with a small knife, despite security measures in place to protect the President. Clancy said that there is a morale problem within the Secret Service and, in his opening remarks, said that the morale problems within the agency could have “dire consequences.”

“There is no excuse for us having a poor morale. We’ve got great people and we’re going to let them shine,” Clancy told NBC on Wednesday after testifying in front on Congress about the incident. Clancy also maintained that the President is not vulnerable, and that, although there is no excuse for the low morale, it has been caused by a “series of high-profile and embarrassing blunders,” and that it will be corrected.

During his testimony, Clancy testified that there has been no disciplinary action taken despite the fact that the Secret Service Agency initially released a report that held incorrect information on the infiltration of the White House in September, downplaying the significance of the security breach, as well as saying the man wasn’t armed although he was found with a small knife.

But Clancy maintains it was unintentional misinformation.

“There is a difference between misconduct, sir, and operational errors,” Clancy said during his testimony.