Blake Bortles And Lindsey Duke Break Up — Over Google Search Totals? Pair Now Split, Rumors Say

NFL rookie Blake Bortles and his Instagram star girlfriend Lindsey Duke have been through a break up, according to online rumors. If true, the split would end one of the most publicized pro sports romances in many years — but was Bortles simply sick of taking a back seat in the public eye to his buxom high school sweetheart?

If the rumor is true, then 2014 has been an exceptionally difficult year for Bortles. After the Jacksonvile Jaguars made him the former University of Central Florida quarterback the third overall pick in the NFL draft on May 8, the 22-year-old Bortles has shown considerable difficulty adjusting to the NFL.

So far in the 2014 season he has passed for just eight touchdowns — but thrown 14 interceptions as Jacksonville has limped to a 1-9 record.

Now it appears that he has possibly lost Lindsey Duke as well, his steady girlfriend since high school.

Another former University of Central Florida student who claims to knowledge of Bortles family affairs broke the news — or at least, the rumor — on Twitter. The UCF alum, Steve Sardone, added that it was Bortles who jettisoned Duke.

Going into the May NFL draft, it became clear that even though Bortles would become the first quarterback of 14 to be drafted, most of the media attention surrounding him focused on Lindsey Duke. The quarterback had lived in the shadow of Duke since his college days, when she first gained notice by the TV cameras.

At one point in his college career, it was reported that a Google search for Lindsey Duke returned six million results, while a similar search for information about Blake Bortles brought back a mere 225,000.

“Apparently she is more of a household name than I am and there’s nothing I can really do about that,” Bortles said at that time.

Lindsey Duke made the most of her newfound recognition, stoking the flames of her online notoriety by posting a steady stream of bikini-clad, cleavage-revealing photos to her Instagram account, such as the following.

Lindsey Duke Instagram photo

But the Busted Coverage sports gossip blog noticed something odd about her once-bustling Instagram page this week. According to the blog, Duke “only posted 10 legit photos to Instagram” since draft day May 8 when her then-boyfriend Bortles officially became a Jacksonville Jaguar.

None of those photos included Bortles, and none even depicted Duke as a spectator at one of Bortles games. Instead, the most recent photos showed Lindsey Duke apparently enjoying nightlife activities with a female friend.

Lindsey Duke Instagram photo

While nothing about the Blake Bortles and Lindsey Duke alleged break up has been confirmed, one thing is certain. Bortles may be feeling a little low, but if so, he has his four-year, $20.6 million guaranteed Jaguars contract to console him.