Canadians Singing US National Anthem At Hockey Game Proves Sportsmanship Isn't Dead [Video]

Canadian Maple Leaf hockey fans did something remarkable at a game against the Nashville Predators on November 18, 2014.

Though hockey is known for being on the rough and competitive side, Canadians proved that there is always room for sportsmanship. Pre-game hockey tradition includes the singing of the national anthems prior to the start of the game. As a woman took to the ice to sing the U.S. national anthem, everyone stood in respect. However, as she began to sing, the mic began to cut out. Instead of sitting in silence as the visiting team struggled to belt out their homeland's anthem, the Canadians joined in without missing a beat.

Almost as soon as the fans realized there was an issue with the mic, they picked up the slack themselves for the visiting team. The Canadians can be heard singing the U.S. national anthem perfectly and loudly. The action was certainly a show of true sportsmanship by the Canadian team. Many comments on the video indicate that most Americans truly feel that Canada is like a second brother to the United States. Someone even called it the "51st state."

However, it isn't a one-way street kind of friendship. The United States also showed some brotherly love to our neighbors of the north just last month. After a fatal shooting near Canadian parliament, Pennsylvania hockey fans sang O Canada, Canada's national anthem, prior to a Philadelphia Flyers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins game.

What do you think of the Canadians singing the U.S. national anthem?