Scientists Rank Planets On “Livability” Index

Scientists have been working hard to create an index of “livable” planets that they believe are similar enough to Earth’s makeup which in turn may be able to support human life.

Known as the “Planetary Habitability Index,” scientsists index such traits as the planet or moon’s surface, the presence of an atmosphere and the planet’s usable energy sources. Scientists also ranked size and density when considering habitable friendly planets.

Among the top planets for livable life in our solar system include Mars and Jupiter’s moon Europa. However the planet that most interests scientists for the index is Gliese 581g, an exoplanet believed to be in the Libra constellation.

News of the Planetary Habitability Index comes just ahead of this coming Saturday’s newest Mars rover launch, a device that is the largest planetary discovery device to date.

Which planet would you want to live on? I would prefer Pluto, I know it’s freezing but I could bring back the Polar Bear population.