Viggo Mortenson Confirms Aragorn Won’t Appear in ‘The Hobbit’

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fanboy or fangirl, recent comments Viggo Mortenson has made about the now-filming adaptation of the series prequel The Hobbit will probably be of interest to you.

Mortenson played the role of Aragorn in the epic film series directed by Peter Jackson, and was a fan favorite due to his rugged good looks. But female Tolkien fans will have one less thing to look forward to when the film hits theaters in December of 2012, as Mortenson confirms that unless something changes, he won’t be appearing as Aragorn in the upcoming blockbuster. Mortenson spoke at length to about his lack of involvement in The Hobbit:

“At one point, the producers asked if I would do it and I said sure, if Aragorn is supposed to be in the bridge story, because he’s not in The Hobbit… But I’ve never been asked and they’re shooting the movie. I’m not in it unless there is some last-minute plan they have, but I thought I would have heard of it by now.”

Mortenson continued:

“Orlando Bloom and Cate Blanchett shot something, but they’re elves and don’t change as rapidly… As you know, Aragorn is half elf and also lives a couple hundred years or more and he could be in a bridge, but I have to assume it isn’t going to happen.”

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits first, with a sequel for the film due out a year later in 2013. Do you plan on seeing one or both parts of The Hobbit when they hit theaters?