‘Natural Insemination’ Sites Offer Free Sex To Women Who Want Babies: Is It Worth The Risk?

Karlene Trudell - Author

Oct. 30 2018, Updated 3:35 a.m. ET

Remember when a woman or infertile couple who wanted a baby had to pay thousands of dollars to doctors and sperm banks to get pregnant? Now with “natural insemination,” the baby-making business has gone online. With the click of a mouse, women can find men who are willing to donate their sperm for free — if they are willing to have sex with them.

The process is gaining popularity and is very attractive to women who want a baby but cannot afford expensive clinics.

One donor, who preferred to remain anonymous and calls himself “Joe,” spoke with ABC News’ 20/20 recently about the process. Joe says he has fathered more than 30 children by natural insemination.

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A married man with three children, Joe chose to hide his identity because his wife doesn’t know about his double life as an online natural sperm donor. He has, however, written a book under a pseudonym about the process — “Get Pregnant for Free on the Internet with a Private Sperm Donor.”

“I have a Clark Kent life,” he said. “Then, I have the Superman life. People might want to have millions of dollars in the bank, and then, you know, some of us might want to have dozens of children out there.”

“I’m not having intercourse with these women when there’s no chance of pregnancy,” he told 20/20.

After seven years of traveling the country impregnating women, Joe claims he has slept with over 100 women and has shipped sperm to others for artificial insemination.

Natural insemination websites, with names like co-parentmatch.com and spermdonorforum.com, operate in much same manner as online dating sites. Donors offer their ‘services’ and women who want to get pregnant pick the man they want to father their child.

Some men offer artificial insemination (AI), but according to the Daily Mail, many of them only offer natural (NI) or partial insemination (PI).

One donor wrote, “I’m a donor, and I only help by NI or PI. Have had quite a few ladies try the guilt trip to try to get me to AI, not for me though.”

This attitude, shared by many of the men on the sites, leads critics to believe that these “donors” are only targeting desperate, venerable women for free sex.

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Another big concern with the natural insemination sites is safety. There is no medical or legal regulation protecting women or donors because all communication between consenting adults is considered private.

While clinics protect the identity of donors, any responsibility for the children is an agreement between the co-parents. Without proper legal procedures to protect them, donors could face problems in the future — much like this private sperm donor the Inquisitr reported was sued by the state of Kansas for child support when the mother applied for state assistance.

Women risk being assualted or stalked by predators posing as donors, and medical safety is a concern for both parties. Clinics and sperm banks screen all donors for STDs and hereditary conditions, but the natural insemination sites don’t offer those protections — both co-parents have to take a chance with unprotected sex based only on the information they choose to share with each other.

Apparently, women who want a baby bad enough, and men looking for commitment-free sex or bragging rights to dozens of children, are willing to take the risks. But is it really worth it? Would you choose to have a baby this way, or to impregnate a women who wanted one, knowing the risks involved in natural insemination?

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