‘Sad Face’ Mugshot Is ALMOST As Hilarious As The Bizarre Story Behind It

A “sad face” mugshot has quickly gone viral, although not everyone may be aware of the bizarre story behind the sad face.

The incident occurred in Smyrna Beach, Florida during the early hours of Saturday morning.

Gabriel Harris, the sad-faced individual in the mugshot, rode his bicycle to the nearest Taco Bell in search of a bite to eat.

However, the employees would not serve Harris.

The reason for the refusal is that the 33-year-old was attempting to order while seated on a bike at the drive-thru window.

Many restaurants have a policy where customers must arrive in a vehicle in order to receive service at the drive-thru window.

The “sad face” mugshot and trip to jail would have been avoided had Gabriel accepted this and went home.

Instead, Harris was alleged to have remained at the window. He refused to leave, even though the restaurant was set to close.

The police came to escort the man off the premises.

One of the officers spotted a Swiss army knife in Harris’s belt.

A sad and funny situation turned alarming once a law enforcement moved to take Gabriel’s knife.

Gabriel Harris grabbed his hand and a brief struggle ensued.

In the end, Harris was forced to face the inside of a jail cell and did not receive any Taco Bell for his trouble.

A sense of anguish was visible in the “sad face” mugshot taken by law enforcement officials. In the image you can see bruising on his face as well as the meme-worthy sad expression.

He may have felt even more sad at the strange turn of events following news that he was charged with a charge of resisting arrest with violence.

According to reports, this is not the first time that Harris was charged with resisting arrest.

In August, the subject of the “sad face” mugshot was taken into custody for resisting arrest. There was no violence attached to that offense.

As for the previous mugshots, he allegedly wasn’t so sad in earlier images.

Though the “sad face” mugshot has spread across social media due to the humorous nature of the image, there are far stranger viral incidents involving customers at a fast food restaurant’s drive-thru window.

Who can forget the Melodi Dushane, the woman who in 2010 went on a terrifying rampage?

A man taking a “sad face” picture is no match for the fury of a woman who went ballistic for reasons no one can fully understand.

Despite the viral nature of this incident, the audio attached to the widely circulated video is allegedly not genuine.

A man featured in another meme is neither sad nor angry, but rather wanted to play a strange prank on a McDonald’s employee.

There are a variety of strange stories and viral images attached to customers who want fast food.

What are some of your favorites?

[Image Credit: Valusia Country Branch Jail]