Police May Soon Be Able To Stop Your Car By Texting It

Police in the U.K. are experimenting with a system that’d give them the power to stop any car remotely — just by sending a text message.

If approved, the technology would eventually be implemented into new vehicles. The goal would be to let officers easily halt stolen cars or getaway vehicles, without having to resort to high-speed chases.

Right now, law enforcers are looking at how they could adapt a number of different systems, some of which are already commercially available to drivers.

“If the police service can use technology to its benefit to improve policing and ensure it is far safer for both police officers and members of the public, then ultimately we should applaud those developments,” a Police Review spokesperson tells the Telegraph.

Maybe so — but do you want any officer to hold the power to control your car so easily, at his own discretion?

Just askin’.