Chained Canadian Guard Dog Takes On Massive Polar Bear! Guess Who Chickened Out?

Rahul Srinivas

What happens when a 1000-plus pound, gigantic polar bear crosses path with a 30 pound dog that is chained to a pole? Easy meal for the polar bear, right? Well, if it was any other dog, that might indeed have been the case. However, one guard dog in Canada either forgot he was a dog or simply did not know what the term size difference means, according to the Telegraph.

In a series of stunning photos taken by Italian photographer Alberto Panizza, a remarkable encounter between a fully grown, adult polar bear and a guard dog has been captured. The incident reportedly happened earlier this month, which occurred in the cold wilderness of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada, reports Express News.

The series of images show the wild polar bear approach the dog which, as we mentioned earlier, was chained to a pole. The dog, who is known to be fearless, did not pay much attention to the huge animal approaching it. As the polar bear came closer, the fiery dog got up and starts growling at the full grown, 1000 pound bear, showing no fear. According to Panizza, who is a resident of Parma in Italy, polar bears aren't uncommon.

"The dogs live not far from a town where polar bears often pass through. This one seemed to be curious and even though much bigger it was eager to make acquaintances with the dogs."

"Even if they are trained to fight bears, the dogs usually seem afraid," he adds.

Panizza believes that a mixture of the dogs survival instincts, its training as a guard dog and pure madness is what led to this remarkable confrontation. Add to it the fact that the dog was chained with a long leash might have made it feel even more cornered and threatened, resulting in it standing up to the polar bear, looking it in the face and making it flee.

"Either due to their survival instinct, or pure madness, they sometimes throw themselves at the wild giants like this one did."

[Image via Alberto Panizza/Caters News]