Xbox One Pizza App Allows Owners To Order Food By Simply Yelling At TV

Gregory Wakeman

Xbox One owners can now order pizza while playing on their console. In fact, they don't even have to pause their game or stand up to place their order.

The app has been released via Domino's Pizza. It was originally announced back in October with the declaration that it would make it easy for customers to place an order and have their meal delivered to them immediately. All you need to place the order is a controller or Xbox One's Kinect system.

The app is only currently available in the United Kingdom and it means that gamers and customers don't have to go through the annoyance of picking up the phone to place their order.

If using a controller to place the order seems too much effort for players, then they can use the Microsoft speech recognition software in Kinect to create their pizza. All they need to do is shout what toppings they want on their pizza as well as any sides or extras that they'd like. The order will be placed with the nearest Domino's restaurant to the server.

The Domino's app means that you can also allow the app to appear on a portion of the screen so that you can track your order once it has been placed. The Xbox One's Snap feature means that you will still be able to multi-task after placing the order while you can continue either playing a game or watching a DVD on the console.

Microsoft previously had an app on their Xbox 360 app that allowed their users to place an order for Pizza Hut rather than Domino's.

According to the Mirror, health experts have been quick to criticize and condemn the move. Health campaigners believe that it will simply add to the United Kingdom's obesity crisis.

Sonia Pombo, who works for the Consensus Action on Salt & Health, said that the app was "exploiting Xbox users," and declared that it will encourage people to not eat healthy food.

"Obesity rates are ever-increasing. So we should encourage people to move more and eat healthier food, rather than promote junk food high in calories."
"We love gamers and gamers love pizza. It's the ultimate game fuel. We can't wait for people to start using the app."