Prince Harry Oman Trip: Buys Prince George Adorable Gift On Journey

Prince Harry is currently on a royal trip to Oman and it looks as though he has bought his nephew, Prince George, an adorable gift while on his travels.

Harry was spotted shopping for souvenirs while visiting the Middle East. Not only was he seen rubbing an oil lamp after talking to one of the shop owners, but he was also spotted purchasing a soft toy camel too.

There is a specific one-year-old that Prince Harry more than likely picked up the gift for. The Daily Telegraph [via People] have predicted that the 30-year-old bought the $7 camel for Prince George, while it has also been alleged that he purchase a cashmere scarf for his sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, as well as a red scarf for his older brother, Prince William, too.

During his journey, Prince Harry was also spotted enjoying a sword fight with a local warrior. But before you begin to ask why security officers didn’t jump in and protect Prince Harry, it was purely a light-hearted battle.

Prince Harry went toe-to-toe with Mohammed Moussa, a 60-year-old warrior. Their titanic tussle took place in the city of Nizwa while he was visiting a 17th century fort.

Tomorrow will be the final day of the prince’s three-day trip to Oman and the Gulf state. After visiting a 17th century fort, Prince Harry took time out to sign the visitors book. He wrote in its pages, “Thank you for an amazing visit. There is never enough time to see everything, for that I am sorry! The whole place is beautiful.”

Meanwhile there was a rather embarrassing moment during his visit. According to the BBC, a group of local school children who were aged around four and five handed the prince some flowers and then said that they were for his wife. Jalila al-Sabahi, who teaches the children, explained, “It was for his wife, the children thought a princess would be coming too.”

Yahya al-Azri, who toured Prince Harry around the neighborhood, also went on to declare that the prince was overjoyed with the time he spent in the area.

“His highness was very happy to come to Nizwa, I saw that in his face and in the comments he left in the VIP guestbook.”

Prince Harry will complete his time in Oman on Friday before he then moves on to Abu Dhabi, where he is likely to attend the last race of this seasons Formula One campaign.

[Image via Time Inc]