Stolen Pet Dog Thrown Out Of Running Car Cheats Death, Survives With Broken Bones

In what is an obvious case of blatant animal cruelty, a stolen pet dog named Davey was mercilessly thrown out of a moving car near Tomball, Texas, on Monday. The dog, later identified to be a missing animal, barely survived the ordeal with a few broken bones in his hind legs, reports KHOU.

The dog, a Boxer owned by an individual named Brandon Mason, had gone missing earlier in the day. Davey was usually left alone by Mason when he goes to work. On Monday, however, when he returned from work, he found the back door to his home unlocked and the dog missing. Brandon, who shared a very strong bond with his dog, was shocked and almost freaked out when he realized that his dear pet had mysteriously disappeared.

“He wasn’t sitting there. I was a little freaked out honestly.”

As any other dog lover would do, Brandon immediately made flyers to alert people about his missing dog. Friends and family joined in to help Brandon search for the dog in the nearby woods. Even though he wasn’t sure if he should do it, he also turned to social media and posted the same onto Facebook.

Meanwhile, unaware of the fact that a dog owner was desperately looking for his lost pet, two women who were on in their vehicle saw a car ahead of them throwing something out — like a piece of trash. To their horror, the women realized that the “trash” was actually a dog. They immediately pulled over and snapped a picture of the dog and alerted authorities. The dog was thrown out barely a mile away from Brandon’s house. Within no time, news of the recovery of an injured dog reached Brandon and the two were reunited. Brandon’s decision to post about the lost dog on Facebook helped as well — even though he was initially skeptical about doing so.

“It was a long shot with the Facebook thing.”

After the dog was evaluated by SPCA officials, they told Brandon that the dog’s hind legs were so badly injured that they might have to be amputated. The bone inside the leg was broken at two different spots due to the violent impact of the throwing. Brandon, who was heartbroken at the prospect of his dog losing his hind legs, searched for another opinion. He contacted the Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists for help, who evaluated that Davey’s legs could be saved by a surgery. At a few thousand dollars, the procedure wasn’t cheap. Brandon turned to the Internet for help again and set up a GoFundMe page for the procedure and managed to raise some money for the operation. On Wednesday, the dog was operated on and the veterinarians were able to fix his fractures. Davey is now expected to recover completely.

The dog, who loves going out with Brandon and watches TV with him on the couch, will be able to do what he used to do very soon.

Brandon was livid when he had heard that his beloved dog was thrown out by a man out of a moving car.

“When I heard that, I was pretty enraged. Scared for him seeing how he was.”

He also had a message for the person who was heartless enough to throw the dog out.

“I hope the cops catch him. Hopefully karma smacks him in the face.”

A police complaint has been filed with the Tomball Police Department, who are investigating the case to nab the person who did this to the dog.

[Image via GoFundMe]