Marlon Wayans Says He Calls Even White Chicks The N-Word

Comedian Marlon Wayans isn’t known for mincing his words. That said, he’s created a bit of a situation for himself. According to TMZ, Pierre Daniel, an extra on the set of Haunted House 2 is currently suing the comedian when he chose to call him a “n****” and a lookalike from the show The Cleveland Show.

Wayans posted the extra’s photo on Instagram to show off the resemblance. However, the side by side photo has resulted in a lawsuit against Marlon.

To defend himself, the comedian said that he uses the n-word among his black friends, and he even mentions calling his caucasian cast mate, Jaime Pressly, the n-word too, in order to express how he uses the word as a form of endearment. Pressly even filed a statement confirming Wayans’ term of endearment.

“Mr. Wayans has addressed me as n**** in the past, and frequently uses it as a term of endearment with his friends and family.”

According to TMZ, Marlon is saying the whole lawsuit is ridiculous because Daniels posed for the photo and was referred to as a Cleveland Show character in the film.

Just in case anyone was wondering, here’s the side by side comparison of Pierre versus his lookalike Cleveland Show character.

Marlon Wayans the N word

In the past, Wayans has spoken about the use of the n-word in a comedic sense. Wayans even said Justin Bieber’s racial slur video didn’t offend him.

“People are so sensitive nowadays. It’s like, I grew up in the projects of New York City. My white friends would do that all the time. Unfortunately Justin, ‘ya know, did that probably to a couple of his black friends, and that’s just the way people talk. You can’t even be you. It’s hard being a celebrity and it’s hard just being real.”

People flocked to TMZ to leave their opinions about Wayans’ lawsuit. One commenter writes, “Good maybe if more Black performers get taken to court over the N word they will quit using it like they expect the rest of the world not to use it. [sic]”

Another commenter posted, “His callous disregard for the pain this word causes many is the result of the his being dragged up in the projects? Guess it’s time the government stop using our tax dollars to fund these cesspools.”

What do you think about Marlon’s comment?

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