Love Triangle Murder In The Desert: California Fireman And Older Lover Busted In Husband's Death

A love triangle in the desert led to murder in August, police said Wednesday, after they arrested a 24-year-old Southern California firefighter and his 35-year-old lover in connection with the murder of the woman's husband, who was found shot to death three months ago in the railroad yard where he worked.

Sabrina Limon, now under arrest on charges of conspiracy to commit murder as a result of the love triangle, is the mother of two children with her now-deceased husband, Robert. After his death, she posted an impassioned remembrance of her husband on her Facebook page.

"Robert showed his love, compassion, hardworking skills, and genuine kindness to everyone he met. Through this pain and unbelievable tragedy, Robs love continues on. The love and kindness given back to me and OUR kid's has been overwhelming, [sic]" wrote the Helendale, California, woman now accused of taking part in Robert Limon's murder. "We received something wonderful from Rob Limons life and the effects are truly overwhelming. It's a feeling of joy, yet I'm totally numb to the fact that I'm left on earth now without him. I look towards God and the beautiful sky HE painted with colors that fill my heart with hope to see Rob again some day. Rob is a real example of how short life is and how fast it can be over. [sic]"

But police say that at the time Robert Limon was murdered by multiple gunshots to the torso, Sabrina was embroiled in a love triangle, falling into into an equally passionate affair with Jonathan Michael Hearn -- and that their relationship continued after Robert Limon was killed.

The couple had been married almost 14 years and were two days short of their anniversary when Robert Limon became a murder victim.

Hearn, who lived in Hesperia, another desert community about 25 miles from the Limon family, is 11 years Sabrina Limon's junior.

Hearn is not only a firefighter in Redlands, he has already authored a book devoted to telling true stories of firefighter experiences, Firefighter Story: Candor and Courage, according to the Firefighter Story website which he founded.

Next to its copyright label, the Firefighter Story site says that it is "inspired by Sabrina L."

A neighbor described Hearn as coming from a "very lovable, Christian family," and expressed shock and disbelief that Hearn may have taken part in a murder.

Police have not yet said whether they believe Hearn himself was the triggerman in the apparent love triangle murder, or whether Sabrina Limon was present when her husband was murdered.

Robert Limon's body was discovered on August 17. Police were initially baffled, and Hearn's name never came up in the early stages of the homicide investigation. But as they continued to dig, they uncovered the love triangle that they now say ended with the murder of 38-year-old Robert Limon.