Dad Catches Son Stealing: Does The Punishment Fit The Crime Or Go Too Far?

A dad catches his son stealing and what you are about to see is the rather unique punishment that he came up with in lieu of spanking.

Why no spanking?

Well, as he says in the video, “Since we can’t whoop our kids no d*** more, I figure we got to find some way to get discipline in these kids.”

This comes during the narration of the three-minute video.

“Next time you gonna steal, you better steal some knowledge,” he adds. (Once you get a look at it, that last statement will make a lot more sense.)

During the course of the “dad catches son stealing” video, the father seems to be amused as his child cries and screams and begs for relief.

Parents who aren’t fans of the humiliating punishment angle may find this disturbing, while the rest of you will probably cheer. As the little boy goes along with his dad’s punishment because, as Dad says, “You ain’t got a choice,” Dad makes him recite a number of oaths.

“I will not disrespect my Mama, my Daddy, my teachers, and nobody else,” the child repeats through tears. “I’m gonna hold these books until they become a part of me!”

Here, have a look for yourselves.

What bothered many of the viewers of this video was the dad’s outright glee at getting to decide the child’s punishment and his willingness to humiliate.

“Your whole crew gonna see this, you know that, right?” he says at one point, amid pleas from the young man not to show the video.

At another point in the video, he even zooms in on the child’s anguished face.

“Look at the sweat on his face. This is a workout, boy.”

Not every commenter out of the 13,213 who’ve seen the video was amused.

“Good parenting? Sorry this is cruel and unusual punishment. Once again this is why discipline needs to be done in private. I can see CPS having a problem with this. This is between you and your son, no reason to humiliate him in front of the world. And he could damage his muscles like this.”

“He can always put them down. But it’s the fear of what happens when he does is why he doesn’t.”

“How is this good parenting? My son is a f*** up stealing before he hits puberty so let me embarrass him for the world to see by making him hold a stack of books. Today’s idea of good parenting is punishment, punishment brought on due to parents failing to better raise their children.”

What do you think about the “Dad catches son stealing” video, parents? Good punishment or child abuse?