Why Is Casey Kasem Still Not Buried?

Casey Kasem still hasn’t been buried over five months since he died, and his remains are allegedly starting to rot in Norway.

Kerri Kasem, Casey’s daughter, has now submitted a legal order asking for her father to be transported back to Los Angeles from the European country. It has been in Norway for three months now, and Kerri wants the move in order for an autopsy to be carried out on Casey on the west coast.

According to Page Six, the Los Angeles Police Department want to quiz Casey’s widow, Jean Kasem, about an elderly abuse investigation that is currently against her. Meanwhile, Jean has also formed her own documents that blame Kerri for the reason why Casey hasn’t been buried yet.

TMZ have even gone on to claim that Jean has stopped Casey, who provided the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo, from being buried because she wants his corpse to decay. This would then stop an autopsy from being completed, thus a cause of death would be unable to be determined.

Before Casey Kasem’s death, when he was suffering from dementia and bedsores, Jean Kasem risked the wrath of his children by moving his ailing body from Southern California to Washington without even notifying them.

The beloved 82-year-old television and radio personality died in Gig Harbor, Washington, on June 15, 2014. He was survived by his widow, Jean, and his four children.

However, this then started a bitter legal dispute between the quintet that is still ongoing to this day. On July 19, Kasem’s daughter Kerri was granted a temporary restraining order to stop Jean from cremating his corpse. What then followed got more and more bizarre as the weeks and months passed.

Jean Kasem apparently moved Kasem’s corpse to Montreal, Canada, in July, and then in August, a Norwegian newspaper declared that Kasem would be buried in Oslo, Norway. Around this time, it was reported that Jean want to bury Casey in Norway because the former American Top 40 host had Norwegian heritage.

It was then alleged that Jean planned to move to the country at some point in 2014. The Norwegian government announced that they would also consider the request by Casey’s children not to allow his burial there. It’s still not yet known if Jean has actually relocated to Norway and confusion still reigns over what will actually happen to Casey Kasem’s body.

Despite all of this turmoil, Danny Deraney, who was Kasey Casem’s former publicist, has insisted that Casey Kasem actually wanted to be buried in Los Angeles.

[Image via JRN]